Merlin Alternate Universe - The Hunted Sorcerer of the Notre-Dame
Inspired by The Hunchback of the Notre-dame.

Merlin knew not to go near the windows. To stay in the cold, darkness of corners and the shadows of the bell tower. For the people would not accept one of his kind. An evil child, a hideous vile creature, a monster. No, he was to stay away from the world. Keep the people safe with his absence. Uther would make sure of this. He was the only one who would care about his unknown existence. Although Merlin knew this, he couldn’t help but lean outside between the gargoyles and listen to the excited shouts on the streets, the loud music and people chanting the name of a young man.

A young man who, in search of peace and quiet, climbed up the wooden stairs of the tower one day and found Merlin curled up underneath the oldest and biggest bell. Clothes dirty and worn. A tiny carved wooden dragon clutched in his hand.

"Who did this to you?
"No one, it was an accident. You- you can’t stay here
Because. I am a monster.

"No-, no you’re not."

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